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Welcome to Avantara Huron

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At Avantara Huron, we take pride in offering our guests quality, state-of-the-art medical care with a definitively personal touch. Our friendly, experienced staff works with each guest one-on-one, to address their medical needs and to offer them the highest level of personal service and attention.

  • Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Stroke & Other Neurological Conditions
  • Oncology Recovery Care
  • Memory Care
  • Cardiac Recovery Care
  • Orthopedic Recovery Care
  • Pulmonary Recovery Care
  • Wound Care
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Healthcare Services

Short-Term Rehabilitation

A comprehensive and therapeutic approach to post-hospital rehabilitation, our short-term rehabilitation provides specialized physical, occupational, and speech therapy to recover from surgery or illness, enhancing mobility, function, and independence in a supportive, medically supervised environment.


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Healthcare Services

Post-Surgical Care

Avantara Huron’s skilled team expertly handles post-surgical care, including incisional and wound management, removal of sutures and staples, and the use of incentive spirometers. We focus on promoting healing and recovery in a supportive environment.


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Healthcare Services

Stroke & Other Neurological Conditions

Our holistic approach is tailored to each individual, aiming to enhance physical functionality and wellness while fostering independence. We offer daily physical, occupational, and speech therapies, educational resources, and focused one-on-one attention from trained professionals to improve strength, mobility, range of motion, and safe daily activity navigation.


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Healthcare Services

Oncology Recovery Care

Avantara Huron provides comprehensive oncology recovery care, offering a wide range of nursing, rehabilitation, and dietary services tailored to oncology patients. We also offer hospice care, ensuring compassionate support through every stage of treatment and recovery.


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Healthcare Services

Memory Care

Our memory care provides holistic care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We offer round-the-clock secure supervision and assistance with daily living, enriched by specialized programming to ensure the safety and quality of life for our residents.

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Healthcare Services

Cardiac Recovery Care

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is tailored for those recovering from heart disease or cardiac surgery. Focused on-site lab specimen collection, daily weight monitoring, and meticulous fluid management. Nutritional interventions are crafted by our on-staff Registered Dietitian, available twice a week, ensuring tailored, heart-healthy dietary plans.

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Healthcare Services

Orthopedic Recovery Care

Following hospitalization for hip or knee replacement, spine or other orthopedic surgeries, Avantara Huron provides highly customized care and flexible schedules so you can be on the go sooner. Our therapists work closely with guests and their physicians to create an intensive, individualized physical and occupational rehabilitation plan to meet your needs including for incisional care.

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Healthcare Services

Pulmonary Recovery Care

Avantara Huron specializes in pulmonary recovery care, assisting with fluid management and providing breathing exercises and incentive spirometer use to enhance lung function. We focus on helping patients achieve optimal respiratory health and recovery.

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Healthcare Services

Wound Care

Avantara Huron handles wound vacs and has a high success rate in healing various types of wounds. Our dedicated team is committed to providing effective, compassionate care for optimal recovery.

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